Posts August 2023

    An idea I took away from a trading conference several years ago was that it can take a long time for a stock trader to become proficient. A lot of experience is needed to achieve consistent profitability, and also knowing how to adapt to changing market conditions that require a shift in strategy. Here are some reasons it takes 7-8 years to become a master trader.
    Today was a really nasty day for $SPY. This was the kind of down day I was waiting for and unsuccessfully tried to short back in August. I even had a $SPY 439 put that expired LAST Friday. I had the right idea, but was too early. This blog post is about me coming to the realization that swing trading while having a full time job just doesn't work.
    Welcome to the relaunched Greenspud Trades! This blog is my "thinking out loud" journal with my thoughts on the stock market, economy, and individual trades.

    I'm going to be reviewing some of my old posts to reflect on how much I've improved as a trader over the last 10 years. This is a retrospective of a post I made in 2014 regarding a trade in a stock called Rewalk Robotics $RWLK.