I recently started more consistently recording notes from my favorite financial show Adam Taggart Thoughtful Money and posting them here on this blog. Prior to taking these minute-by-minute notes, I don't think I appreciated just how densely packed these interviews are with information. Every sentence spoken by both the guest and Adam is so meaningful. I think that's what makes this show so uniquely good.

When a true expert has so much knowledge to share, every detail in what they say is important because are speaking from a context very entrenched in the subject matter. A lot that they say relates to other complex topics. When I was reviewing the interview with Ted Oakley, I had to keep pausing and replaying part to fully digest conversation. It takes some time to examine the charts Adam puts up on the screen and to think about how this data fits in with other things I know about the current market environment.

Watching this show gives me many great ideas for data sets which could enhance my other website, ustreasuryyieldcurve.com. Very few financial interview programs give you such a detailed insight into the thought process of a professional money manager.